Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a live animal?
Currently I prefer to communicate with customers regarding animal sales before purchase. Therefore there is no option to “buy now” on any live animals. The only way to purchase an animal is to inquire directly. The easiest method is through Morph Market, although you can also inquire via any forms listed on the Contact page.
This is for the safety of the animal, and to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Why are shipping costs so high?
To ensure a speedy delivery and to save on shipping costs, the best method of shipping we have chosen is to use flat-rate boxes for bulky items. Smaller items (like silicone food cups in quantities of 20 or under for example) will not have as high of a shipping cost, unless purchased with a larger item in which then they would be combined into the same box and you will be charged for the flat rate shipping method.
The costs of shipping have increased lately, as has the prices of many other items and raw materials. Many of the items we sell are larger in size, although they do not weigh much they still take up a lot of space. We do offer free shipping for any product order over $75!
Shipping Costs for animals is dependent on the individual listing. Most sales that are run on animals will not include shipping. However, almost all animals listed that are not on sale will have shipping included in the price.

Can I request a larger quantity of a product than what is already listed?
Of course! Contact us and we will figure out a special price for your bulk order needs.

I’ve spotted a typo/incorrect information on your site, can I report it?
We would greatly appreciate any incorrect information, bugs, typos, etc. be brought to our attention as this website is a constant work in progress and we don’t spot it all! Contact us with what web page it is located at, what paragraph, what word/phrase, and what is wrong about it. Thank you!

Are there any other questions that you would like answered? Contact us!