2020 Pairings

Pairings for 2020

From here going back, there is just crested gecko pairings. My gargoyles weren’t large enough to breed until the following year in 2021.
Offspring Name Theme for this year: Crayon Colors

Please note: If you see any blanks in the lineage ( it will look like this: __________ ), these are gaps I do not have on hand. Know more about the lineage and can fill in any gaps? Fill-out a Contact form, I would really appreciate it! The more information I have the better.

Crested Gecko Pairings

– Elixir x Cookies & Cream
– Leviathan x Nel

Produced by Pangea Reptile out of __________x__________
__________ produced by __________ out of __________x__________
__________ produced by __________ out of __________x__________

Cookies & Cream
Produced by Talking Geckos out of Gridlock x Credence.
Gridlock produced by Thomas Kilp/Georgia Gecko out of Socrates x Karma.
Credence produced by __________ out of Noah x Ariah.

Produced by Zengex out of Vex x Calypso
Vex produced by __________ out of __________x__________ (Vex is a LW)
Calypso produced by Scaredy Cat Geckos out of Todd x Pez.

Produced here by HS Crested Geckos out of Elixir x Bibby.
Elixir produced by Pangea Reptile.
Bibby, AKA Niblet, produced by Pangea Reptile.