2021 Pairings

Pairings for 2021

2021 was a light year for production but set the tone for the next year. Only a few of my crested gecko females were ready to breed and only one pair of my gargoyles were ready to breed. This was the year I really decided that extremes and tricolors was going to be my focus for cresties.
Offspring Name Theme for this year: Tree Names

Please note: If you see any blanks in the lineage ( it will look like this: __________ ), these are gaps I do not have on hand. Know more about the lineage and can fill in any gaps? Fill-out a Contact form, I would really appreciate it! The more information I have the better.

Crested Gecko Pairings

– Ducati x Bibby
– Lighthouse x Ember
– Leviathan x Cookies and Cream

Produced by Scaredy Cat Geckos out of __________x__________.
__________ produced by __________x__________
__________ produced by __________x__________

Bibby AKA Niblet
Produced by Pangea Reptile out of __________x__________
__________ produced by __________ out of __________x__________
__________ produced by __________ out of __________x__________

Produced by Party Gecko Enterprises out of Legacy x Solaris.
Legacy produced by Gekkonizaded Geckos out of Inoki x Aquila.
Inoki – Namus x Akua | Aquila – Lellarp x Nilla.
Solaris produced by Northern Gecko out of __________x__________

Produced by CaliDonia Rhacs out of Shadow x Alek
Shadow produced by __________ out of __________x__________
Alek produced by CaliDonia Rhacs out of Chowder x Pumpkin.

Produced by Zengex out of Vex x Calypso
Vex produced by __________ out of __________x__________ (Vex is a LW)
Calypso produced by Scaredy Cat Geckos out of Todd x Pez.

Cookies & Cream
Produced by Talking Geckos out of Gridlock x Credence.
Gridlock produced by Thomas Kilp/Georgia Gecko out of Socrates x Karma.
Credence produced by __________ out of Noah x Ariah.

Gargoyle Pairings

– Hashbrown x Tater Tot

Produced by GeckObsessed out of DOM x Chardonnay
DOM (Dirty Old Man) produced by __________ out of __________x__________
Chardonnay produced by __________ out of __________x__________

Tater Tot
Produced by __________ out of __________x__________.
__________ produced by __________ out of __________x__________
__________ produced by __________ out of __________x__________
Purchased from a small unnamed vendor at the White Plains NY Expo.