Terms of Sale – Live Animals

Live Animal Terms of Sale

These are terms and conditions that you must agree to if you plan on or do purchase a living animal from HS Crested Geckos. These terms can be changed or updated at any time without notice. For returning customers, please double-check these terms before finalizing your purchase.
By purchasing an animal from HS Crested Geckos, it is assumed you have read these Terms of Sale in their entirety and understand them fully.

Last updated: 1/25/2023

(1.) All animals are sold “as-is,” especially if they are babies. This includes any damages/previous injuries to the animals (like a healed tail drop, missing toes, tail nips, or a healed over scar for example which are unlikely but do happen). Review photos or ask for more photos. Any issues like this will be clearly stated in the selling description of each animal where listed publicly, like on my Facebook Page or my Morph Market. There is no promise that either one of us will know exactly what a baby may grow up looking like. All I can provide is the lineage/parent’s photos and any other information I may have saved on file.

(2.) Sex is not promised unless it says so in the selling description of the animal. Most animals that I sell are babies/juveniles, the best suggestions I can give is only probable. I will not give refunds/exchanges if an animal ends up being a different sex or pattern than predicted/desired.

(3.) If a tail happens to fall off/get dropped either in shipment, transport, etc. I will not do any exchanges, refunds, partial refunds, etc. It’s a fairly common thing and sometimes it’s unavoidable. If a gecko drops it’s tail, it’s health is not compromised in any major way.

(4.) There is a 7 day warranty on each gecko once it is in it’s new habitat. If the gecko passes away because of something that is my fault within that time frame, I may replace the deceased gecko or provide a refund (my choice, based on the unique situation). Refunds will NOT be issued when negligence is involved. Do not take in an animal if you do not have the means or knowledge to care for it properly.

(5.) 25% DEPOSITS REQUIRED ON ALL SALES OR HOLDS, WHICH IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Payment Plans offered on animals valued over $200, not including shipping costs. In the case an animal dies, there is a shipping error, the customer is unhappy, the customer changes their mind about a sale, or any other reason that may require a refund; You will be refunded the amount you paid MINUS the 25% deposit amount. This is non-negotiable, as my time spent with the customer and the time caring for these animals is important and I am not going to waste my time helping someone for them to back out after sending money. Make your decision 100% before paying for product or animals. It is not my job to help you make good decisions with your money.

(6.) I have the right to refuse sales to any person, based on their knowledge of care for the animal(s) they are interested in purchasing, and overall attitude. The person looking to buy an animal (or animals) must have a completed habitat(s) and all supplies necessary for said animal(s) before I ship out/hand over any living, breathing, creature. They must also be open to receiving new/updated/current information on how to care for their new animal. I won’t tolerate people who “know it all” and refuse to learn from someone else. I have a shopping list that can be provided if necessary, and I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have regarding proper care before the animal is considered owned by the customer.

(7.) If you (or a future owner) chooses to change the name of the animal you receive, please keep on file the original name as that is how I will look through my files to find information like lineage, hatch weight, hatch date, etc. Their original given names is key as to how I keep track of all animals produced here. You may also ask for the original weight charts for each animal as well, as weights are tracked monthly.

(8.) Don’t be afraid to talk to me! I have seen my fair share of odd questions and situations when it comes to these animals, so please do not be afraid to bring something up to me. I only want to help you!

(9.) Starting 1/1/2023, 8.625% Tax (Suffolk County NY Tax Rate) and a 4% PayPal Transaction Fee will be added to any sales made through PayPal. I do not accept payment via Friends and Family, for my and the customer’s protection. Payments will ALWAYS be recorded with an invoice with line items detailing everything you have purchased, as well as a simplified version of these terms. Please have your e-mail ready when purchasing anything as that is where your invoice will be sent. If you would like to avoid the 4% PayPal Transaction Fee, I also accept payment via Zelle, Venmo or Cashapp. But please know these payment methods have limited protection policies. You may also pay in Cash for in-person pickup. A 25% deposit is still required virtually beforehand to consider the animals held if you plan to pick-up in person.

(10.) You must be 18+ to purchase an animal. If you are not 18, please have your parent or guardian contact the page to make the purchase. These are living animals, not toys, and I do not want one of my animals being given up days after being received because it wasn’t agreed upon for a minor to own an animal in their household.

(11.) Let me know you’ve read this by messaging me before completing a sale saying you have read the terms in their entirety.