2023 Pairings

Pairings for 2023

2023 still has some things to be planned-out, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Right now there are only a few planned pairs for the season; the majority of my time is going to be dedicated to Euryudactylodes. I will still have one pair of Gargs, and one or two pairs of Cresties.

Please note: If you see any blanks in the lineage ( it will look like this: __________ ), these are gaps I do not have on hand. Know more about the lineage and can fill in any gaps? Fill-out a Contact form, I would really appreciate it! The more information I have the better.

Crested Gecko Pairings

– Cherry Blossom x Theia (PLANNED)
– Atomic Tangerine x Glad Rags

Cherry Blossom
Produced by Posey Cresteds out of Bloodfire x Rosebud
Bloodfire produced by Tara Leigh’s Cresties out of Pelznickel x Ouija
Rosebud produced by __________ out of Apollo x Foxglove

Produced by MLN Reptiles out of Odyssey x Martina
Odyssey produced by Zengex out of Nirvana x Amunet
Martina produced by AC Reptiles out of __________x__________

Atomic Tangerine
Produced here by HS Crested Geckos out of Leviathan x Nel
Leviathan produced by Zengex out of Vex x Calypso
Nel produced here by HS Crested Geckos out of Elixir x Bibby

Glad Rags
Produced by Lupie Lizards/The Crested Cabana out of Zephyr x Lark
Zephyr is also known as Apache, produced by __________ out of __________x__________
Lark produced by __________ out of __________x__________

Gargoyle Pairings

– Hashbrown x Spud (PLANNED)

Planned – Not Confirmed

Produced by GeckObsessed out of DOM x Chardonnay
DOM (Dirty Old Man) produced by __________ out of __________x__________
Chardonnay produced by __________ out of __________x__________

Produced by Nick Agricoli out of __________x__________
__________ produced by __________x__________
__________ produced by __________x__________