x25 32oz Clear Containers (No Holes)


20 in stock (can be backordered)


This is a multi-pack of 25 containers with lids; 32oz of size each. These cups are entirely transparent, including the lids.

These simple plastic containers can be used for many different things!
– Shipping animals*
– Storing powdered or pre-mixed food
– Food bowl for smaller/medium sized animals
– Storage
and much more!

These containers are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. If using for food storage, please toss them once they become scratched on the surface that touches food. These scratches can hold bacteria.

Item Measurements:
Height:              5 3/4 Inches
Top Diameter:   4 1/2 Inches

*If shipping animals using containers like these, always follow basic shipping protocol for the safety of the animal. Melt holes in the empty container using a heated fork, or use a hole puncher to punch holes in the plastic to allow for airflow and prevent suffocation or overheating during shipment. Ensure to apply small pieces of tape (2-4 pieces depending on the animal) to adhere the lid to the cup during shipment. Ensure the tape does not cover any holes.


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