1.5 oz Double Food Cup Holders – Made to Order


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When you have a 3D printer… you 3D print things.
I will be making a series of 3D-printed gecko food dish holders. They will be designed to fit certain sizes of cups, so that they sit comfortably in the holder and are not difficult to remove when swapping. By design, they are light-weight and yet very sturdy! They are printed to have a solid and flat base, and a rounded outer edge to allow for even ground-dwelling critters to reach the cups.

All 3D printed products are able to be printed in the color filament of your choice that is currently available.

With this design, there is a rounded ledge around the outside of the holder to allow your pet to crawl up the side without knocking it over. This is great for terrestrial pets like Leopard Geckos or younger Bearded Dragons, but also works great for arboreal pets like Crested Geckos.

This specifically-sized holder is designed to house this size cup sold here in quantities of 100.
You can also purchase this in a bundle with x2 holders and x100 cups, (coming soon!)

The outside measurements of this holder once printed is approximately:
5.31″ inches (or 135 mm) long
2.81″ inches (or 71.4 mm) wide
0.98″ inches (or 25 mm) tall

Please Note: All 3D printed products will take an average of 2-3 days to be made before being shipped. This may be l0nger if an order of 6+ items are requested, or multiple colors are requested. For an estimate on production time for large orders, please Contact Us before purchasing.

VARIATIONS IN PRODUCTION WILL OCCUR WITH 3D PRINTED OBJECTS. Your product will always be quality tested to ensure the cups designed to fit inside will indeed fit comfortably.

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