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Looking for something to weigh your geckos (or… other things)?
This simple scale weighs up to 500g, and measures to 0.01g accuracy!
Weigh almost any gecko or smaller/medium lizard species. This scale is super helpful in getting accurate readings for the super small like Eurydactylodes and Day Geckos, but can also weigh most larger geckos due to it’s weight limit. Just getting them to balance on something might be difficult!

These are the same exact type of scale that we personally use to keep track of our collection’s weight.
We suggest using plastic cups (or some of the food storage containers we sell!) to place your smaller critters in when weighing to prevent the possibility of an escapee. For larger slower reptiles or geckos, place a taller cup upside down and have them balance on top. Put an empty cup (with lid if you’re putting your gecko inside) on the scale, tare the scale, then put your gecko in or on the cup. Boom, accurate results without the stress.

The weigh piece is stainless steel; easy to keep clean and sanitized. The covers/trays that come with the scale are plastic and can easily be cleaned. For quick swapping if you plan to have geckos sitting on the scale itself and not in a cup, we suggest cutting small pieces of paper towel to line the inside of the weight cups with to prevent cross-contamination between geckos (or clean and sanitize between each if you wish!). Just be sure to tare the scale with every new piece of paper towel you place down, as not every piece will weigh the same.

Swap between different weight settings, including grams (0.01 accuracy) and ounces (0.001). There are also the less-popular options of troy ounce/ozt (0.001), pennyweight/dwt (0.01), and grain/gn (0.1) available as well.

It requires two AA batteries that ARE included!

The scale in it’s entirety is 5 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Made in China.


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