x5 Plant Hanging Suction Cups


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These suction cups were custom-made for HS Crested Geckos to hold onto plants (fake and real!), decorations, vines, etc.!

The ring is designed to open and close and can hold up to 1.5lbs of weight, which is plenty for your plant and whoever may decide to climb on them. The snap on the ring snaps closed, and once rotated into position it will stay closed! Opening the rings is as easy as spinning the lock outside of the suction cup hole, and it will open easily.

Having rings that open is fantastic to use for your live plants when repositioning after they grow. Open the rings with ease to prevent damaging their stems or leaves. The rings are large enough to allow room for growth but are still small enough to prevent plants from falling through. Use them to prop-up or support new plants added into the habitat, or to allow trailing plants like pothos to climb the walls of your habitat!

These suction cup and ring combos are also great for converting artificial stem plants into hanging plants inside your habitat. Ever find an artificial plant at the craft store that you would love to add to your habitat, but it has no way of hanging? This is your answer. The rings are large enough that you can easily put a small to medium sized stem through it, or loop the ring around a few branches near the stem to hang the plant from. You can also  use these to drape longer hanging artificial plants in different areas of the habitat, similarly to supporting live trailing plants in climbing up walls.

The opening to the rings is also large enough for small artificial vines to fit through. Add vines anywhere in your habitat for additional climbing and basking opportunities.

Suction Cup Size:
1.57 inches / 40mm

Suction Cup Hole Size:
0.38 inches / 8.6mm

Suction Cup Ring Size:
0.59 inches / 15mm (outside ring measurements)

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