Bendable Branch – Fancy


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Looking for something to decorate your habitat, while also being functional? Grab some Bendable Branches!
Each branch comes with two suction cups and rings, which are also sold separately here.
Twist multiple together and drape down your background or around your wood pieces for a natural vine look. We suggest mixing and matching different sizes to achieve this look.
You can also wrap them around multiple pieces of wood to help hold them together!
These vines add more climbing opportunities, basking options, and enrichment to your pet’s habitat.
They are easy to clean, easily bendable and manipulated, and are perfect for all small and medium sized reptiles.
This branch is the largest Bendable Branch we offer, and is absolutely perfect for larger sized habitats!

This design is available only in one size.

Length does not include any additional decorative small branches. These measurements are approximate, there may be slight variations due to manufacturing defects.
Dimensions: 39″ Long

Please note: These branches are made with wire and a Styrofoam-type product. It is not suggested to use in a habitat where you are concerned with your reptile biting this (small pieces can come off if you tear at it hard enough). It’s intended use is decoration and an additional climbing option.


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