Gecko Food Mixer (AKA: Milk Frother)


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Ever get tired of mixing your powdered diets?
Do you often find clumps in your diet, even after shaking the crap out of it to mix it up (then it gets stuck while squirting out the diet and you end up with a burst cap and food EVERYWHERE)?
Are your geckos true snobs and don’t like lumps in their food?
Mixing-in bee pollen but it won’t blend evenly?
ThisĀ is the answer!
Personally I have been using a milk frother for a while to break up clumps in my Pangea and get all the stuck powder out of the corners. It’s been a game changer for me and it does so much more to mix up the food than it does just shaking the bottle. For mixing small batches of powdered diet, I feel using a blender to mix them is a little excessive and is too much for the average small time breeder/keeper. You don’t want to use this if you’re mixing food for an entire reptile room unless you want to do smaller batches. This is the perfect middle-ground option between hand-shaking/mixing with a spoon, and a blender.

Made with food-grade stainless steel and black textured plastic (for the handle). Easy one-click on and off button on the top. Takes 2 AA batteries; batteries are not included. Approx. 8.5″ long in total; comes in a box!

Buy one for your geckos, buy another for yourself! Just remember who’s is who’s!
If you are ordering one for yourself, let me know in the order comments and I will put a gecko-related sticker on the one that will be intended for anything gecko-related (for free), like shown in the photo.


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