Pretty Plant – Large Green Fern


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Want something to fill your habitat, or want to add additional foliage?
Get some Pretty Plants!
These plants are 100% plastic, and have no fabrics or dye that will leech out when wet. They are waterproof and heat resistant (we don’t suggest putting them directly under a high wattage bulb or CHE, that’s just not smart, think safe).
These Large Ferns come in two colors, Green and Red. Both are gorgeous and are a wonderful addition to your reptile’s habitat for a pop or color. They are the exact same plant other than coloration; great for keeping consistency. If you like to color-code your collection, an idea is to use red plants to mark male/female animals easily at a glance.

What do artificial plants do, and what are their benefits?
– Additional climbing opportunities
– Additional hiding spots
– A more naturalistic look without the hassle of live plants
– Easy to clean and sanitize
– Not as fragile as live plants
– More customizable (in terms of placement)

The length of these large ferns including the stem is 30 inches long.
Without the stem, they are 25 inches long.

Each hanging Pretty Plant comes with one suction cup, and a plastic ring that can be opened and snapped closed.
We suggest bending the base wires of the plant stem to hide the stem, and loop the suction cup around at least 3 base wires.
You can purchase additional suction cups (sold in quantities of 5) to really customize your experience here.
To secure the ring closed, rotate the opening part of the ring into the suction cup to prevent it from opening. If you’d like to seal your ring shut, you can use a dab of 100% silicone to silicone the ring into that location.

Compare the price of these plants to your local pet store or craft store; you’ll find this price to be much more affordable! Plus, you have more customizable options!


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