XL Silicone Food Cups


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You may be thinking that these look very similar to silicone cupcake holders… and they are!
They work fantastic as XL food cups for larger reptiles/geckos like Leachianus, or as dedicated water dishes.
Silicone is super easy to clean, and are safe to be boiled to be sanitized as these are food grade and rated for up to 220 Celsius.

Each dish is approximately:
7cm (2.75″) on the top
4.5cm (1.77″) on the bottom
and 3.5cm (1.38″) tall
with slight variations due to manufacturing.
For structural support it is suggested to place these in a holder of sorts to support the sides, or trim the cups to be a little shorter.

If you order them to make cupcakes with (which is totally okay), we ask that you mail us back one 😉

Available individually, and in quantities of 10, 25, 50, and 100.
Made in China.

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